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Dr. Ata Ul Haq Graduated from Rawalpindi Medical College in 2000 and did Fellowship in General Surgery in 2006 and Plastic Surgery in 2011. Furthermore, in 2014, Dr. Ata received the BAPRAS Fellowship in Microsurgery from the United Kingdom. He serves as a consultant plastic surgeon in Lahore at Jinnah Hospital / Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore.

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Dr. Ata-Ul-Haq is a plastic surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, certified by a board. Dr. Ata wants to help you get the results you’ve always wanted while giving you the best possible recovery. Since 2011, Dr. Ata Ul Haq’s clinic in Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan, has offered plastic and cosmetic surgery services to people who pay for them. Overall, Doctor Ata has over 15 years of experience as a plastic surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan.

Dr. Ata Ul Haq is a trained microsurgeon who likes to help people with leg and foot injuries. He also helps people with diabetic feet. At the Jinnah Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Centre, Dr. Ata is in charge of the service for the lower limbs. Since 2007, Doctor Ata has been an active member of the organizing team for the annual international microsurgery and burn management course hosted by Jinnah hospital and Allama Iqbal Medical College. 9 articles written by Dr. Ata Ul Haq have been published in national and international journals. He has also taken many courses and attended many national and international conferences to keep his knowledge and skills up to date. 

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Liposuction is a technique used for fat suction to reduce excess fat from body parts such as the neck, arms, buttock, thighs, hips, and abdomen, and imparts shape to them.


Gynecomastia is a gain in the size of gland tissues of breasts both men and women, caused by an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen hormone. It may affect unevenly or on both breasts.


Rhinoplasty, is otherwise named a nose job, and medically is named nasal rebuilding, further, it’s a procedure of plastic surgery for restoring or altering the human nose.


Otoplasty otherwise called ear surgery, modifies the stance, portion, and contour of the ear. Also, it corrects the defect in ear structure from birth.


Mammoplasty augmentation  is an adorning surgery strategy using fat-graft and breast implants ways of breast augmentation to alter the shape, and texture, and increase boob size.


Eye Lid And Eye Bag Surgery is a medical procedure is a penal medical procedure to erase the amount of skin or fat from the eyelids or Eye Bags. The point is to work on hanging or hooded Eye Bags or Eye Lids.


A Hair Transplant is a strategy where a dermatological or plastic specialist moves hair to an exposed region of the head. The specialist for the most part moves hair from the side or back of the head to the top or front of the head.


Double Chin Surgery procedure can shape the region of a neck lift, jaw fold, or chin liposuction, likewise, eliminating excess fat to even, and smooth the skin.

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Dr. Ata is very professional in his work. Listen to all my reservations very carefully and then guided me about every procedure that can be possible. I would highly recommend dr ata to all the patients who are looking forward for the treatment.
Abdullah Ihsan
The services that I receive from (Dr Ata) is excellent. Dr. Ata and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. I would have no qualms in recommending them to friendly and friends.
Iram Shehzad


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