Ear Reshaping Surgery in Lahore, Pakistan - Otoplasty

If you want otoplasty also known as ear reconstruction surgery in Lahore, Pakistan, during the current era of 2022 and you want to find the best doctor or clinic, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Ata-Ul-Haq is a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in Lahore, having the highest qualifying degrees like MBBS & FCPS. He has been doing surgery (burn, eyelid, and ear) for more than 15 years. Dr. Atta gets calls and patients from all over Pakistan, including from Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Jhelum, Gujrat, and Faisalabad. The best place to find out if you are a good candidate for otoplasty also called “ear reshaping” is Dr. Ata-Ul-Lahore Haq’s clinic in Johar Town Lahore. To set up an appointment meeting, please call or WhatsApp +92 321-5847076 or send us an email.

Ear Reshaping Surgery – Overview

Ear Reshaping Surgery In Lahore or Otoplasty is a medical procedure at a low cost. This medical program is intended for an edit of bat ears or unusually jutting ears. Ear Surgery In Pakistan is normally present by birth. This condition is treatable, the Ear Reshaping without Surgery in Pakistan coming to be 3 months old enough. However, if the Ear Surgery Pakistan period has passed, an ear reshaping medical procedure is required.

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Ear Reshaping Surgery
ear surgery in lahore
ear reshaping surgery in lahore

Note: Results may very depends upon individuals to individuals


When the ears are too large, are deformed, or stick out from the head, they can draw unnecessary attention and cause self-consciousness in people of any age. Many children are subjected to teasing and hounding because of the size and shape of their ears. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ata performs cosmetic ear surgery, also called otoplasty to get better appearance of the ears.

Dr. Ata performs otoplasty to make cosmetic enhancements to one or both of a patient’s ears. People often choose this procedure for one or more of the reasons like to reducing the size of large ears, creating symmetry in size and position between ears, bringing protruding ears back closer to the head, and repairing torn or stretched ear lobes.

Otoplasty is most successful when performed on patients between 4 and 14 years old, before the ear cartilage has fully hardened. In children, it is most often performed after age 5 or 6 when the ear has reached full development. Otoplasty can be performed at almost any age in adults.


Dr. Ata performs ear surgery as an outpatient procedure that usually takes 2 to 3 hours. For young children, he typically uses general anesthesia so the child sleeps through the surgery. For older children and adults, he combines local anesthesia with a sedative. Dr. Atta places the incisions where the resulting thin scars are hidden behind the ears, in the crease between the ear and the skull. The underlying cartilages are then reshaped and repositioned using a suture technique. Dr. adjusts the position of each ear independently to account for asymmetries between the ears.

Gynaecomastia correction is carried out by removing the unwanted tissues, fat tissue, glandular tissue, or excess skin. Dr. Atta carefully reshapes your chest so that it looks flat, with techniques that include Liposuction, glandular tissue removal, excess skin removal, and lifting of the soft tissues. At the end of surgery, Dr. Atta positions the operating bed so you are sitting upright. This allows your chest to be assessed in the most correct manner while Doctor makes surgical adjustments to achieve the best possible result for you. Once completed, he uses plastic surgical techniques to sew the incisions closed. After the last stitches are placed, you will be placed in a surgical chest compression garment and gently awakened from anesthesia.

After the ear reshaping surgery, patients return home the same day wearing a light head dressing. Experiences vary after otoplasty. Pain is typically not significant and can usually be managed with oral medication. Swelling and bruising are usually not significant and usually subside within the first 3 days. A gauze bandage is worn for about a week after surgery to help the ears heal in their new, flat position. Stitches are usually removed in about a week. Patients recover at different rates. Most adults are able to return to work after about 5 days; children can go back to school after about 1 week. Patients may resume wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses 7 to 10 days after ear surgery.

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