Hair Transplant in Lahore, Pakistan

If you are in a need of getting a Hair Transplant In Lahore, visit Dr. Ata Ul Haq(MBBs, FCPS). Discuss the facts, side effects, transplant process, and more. Mainly, you may visit our Hair Transplant Clinic Lahore at a decent cost. Yet, join the Best Hair club Lahore. Indeed, Dr. Ata is well-experienced, and expert having an experience of 16 years. So you are in the right hands. Access quick free details and have an online meeting with the doctor. Contact Us 

Like, the hair transplant cost, its healing, and the operation process is topics to talk about. Meeting the experts is the right choice! Dr. Ata, giving the Best Hair Transplant In Lahore has done the surgeries like Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, and even Hypospadias surgery. The best Hair Transplant near me is a big thing that may stuck in your head. Come visit our expert who is humbly available to see the patients.

Hair club Lahore – FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore:

A hair transplant is a process in, which the doctor will remove the hair follicles, and replace them with hair. However, the accepting site during the Hair Transplant In Pakistan is named a benefactor site. And in this way, the hairs are embedded onto the bald regions, a “recipient site”. Know the Hair Transplant Cost, and it’s the usual and the most trusted way to remove male sparseness. What’s holding you back? Schedule the meeting now!

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Cost in Lahore:

The surgery cost for hair differs nearly from person to person and it relies upon varied facts too. Likewise, foreign non surgical hair transplant in Lahore Price goes from $4,000 to $15,000. Safety plans won’t cover this price for hair transplants in Pakistan. The main fact and element is the number of unions for Best Hair Transplant Near Me in Lahore. Dr. Ata is confident and helps you grow new hair without unnatural looking. Rhinoplasty is among other best services.

Process & Recovery After Hair Plantation:

Once, the medical process for hair transplant is done, the scalp may delicate, and the patient has to rely on torment drugs. Moreover, for a little while, Dr. Ata will have you wear plastic wraps to cover the Hair Transplant Cost In Pakistan. Get a few calming drugs for a few days. Besides, within a few weeks later, the patient may start working out and go to the office with an entirely distinct personality.

Our specialist owns a Best Har Clinic in Lahore Pakistan and provides a decent rate. After a few days, you will see your hair progressing after Hair Transplant In Pakistan. Varied people will get the relief to see full growth within 6 to 9 months. Dr. Ata will endorse the ideal process of the Best Hair Transplant In Lahore Pakistan for you. On the of chance, meet the doctor, view the hair transplant, and much more. WhatsApp or call us! on +92 321-5847076 .

What our clients say about us!

Dr. Ata is extremely professional, kind and confident surgeon. The cost of hair transplant is also reasonable as compare to other professionals.

Hair Transplant
Imran Ali


I am from Lahore and I went to Dr. Ata clinic for eyebrow hair transplant. Dr. Atta personally performed my surgery and I am happy about result. The price of transplant is also reasonable. Thanks Dr. Ata and team.

Momana Basit


Never ever experiened as a doctor like dr. ata. Very much reliable and amazing services.

Ella Perez

Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

I was searching best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore and find Dr. Ata. He is highly professional and experienced in his field and he did my surgery perfectly. I am happy in regards of result till today. Highly recommended.

Inam Butt


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